Photography hacks: Turn a Pringles can into a macro flash diffuse

Love macro photography? Use a Pringles can to form a mud cheap diffuser for your pop-up flash! We all try our hand at macro photography, at some point during our time taking images. and…

Learn how to merge text into portraits with this fun Photoshop project

Text and pictures are sometimes hard to pair together well. We’ve all seen the standard work of novice designers, where a recorder is just laid over the image and white or coloured text placed on top. But…


Download the photoshop CS6 Simplified Tips & Tricks here : – Adobe Photoshop CC By Adobe Classroom.

5 Top Tips For Wildflower Photography

How To Get Perfect Light ? Wildflowers display some of the most brilliant colors found in nature. And, for good reason– they’re fiercely competing with each other to attract their…

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