EXPERIMENT to create unique photos

One of the best ways to really expand your photography is to experiment freely to find new ways of getting better images. Remember that taking pictures with digital cameras costs nothing, so you can break all the photography rules and guidelines that you know as you experiment. Shoot with a slow shutter speed without a tripod. Zoom or pan your lens with the shutter open while shooting with a slow shutter speed.Shoot a subject that you ordinarily do not shoot. Take 20 photos while shooting from ground level. Take 20 photos with your camera set to the smallest aperture.Shoot using extremes — extreme vantage points,extreme focal lengths, extreme aperture settings, and extreme distances to the subject.When you shoot a popularly photographed subject or scene, think carefully about all the obvious and common shots that are taken and then try to come up with new ways to shoot the same subject or scene.Change the angle of view or the vantage point, or shoot from a distance and frame the subject with some foreground element. Experiment and think about how you can apply the good results to other

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